No more lazy days

Yesterday before we left, Kaitlin got mad and yanked her feeding tube out of her nose (again!!!). The staff decided not to bother putting it back in until the doctor saw her the next day, hoping he would just say leave it out. Well this morning, her tube was gone, but so was Kristin’s! That means both will have to actually eat themselves when they get hungry, no more sleeping all day and miraculously their belly’s get full. The doctor also left me a voicemail saying they are both probably coming home in a week’s time. Together!!!

All of this happened this morning, and of course when we headed back for the afternoon feed, Kristin was showing more signs of her allergy. They still think it’s a cow’s milk allergy, but I am not so sure anymore. Qumi is on a super strict diet, and they are using the most extreme (read expensive) hypo-allergic formula for the times there isn’t enough milk.

Other great news is that it has been almost a week with our new helper, and things are going well. Let’s hope it stays that way.