Getting Ready

We are getting ready for the girls.  Things that we expected to have weeks or months to handle, came very quickly.  Other things, such as washing and putting the sheets on the beds took a backseat. Now we are ready. The nursery is painted in Tiffany Blue (Thanks JP) and all the furniture is there and ready to go.  An iPod loaded with chick music (Maroon 5) is in the speaker dock. The countdown is on and we have 1 more night without them.  Luckily we have some of our best friends in town this weekend and they accepted to hang out with us during this crazy time.  I am sure they will have to get more than an earful, but they accepted our offer 🙂

Tomorrow we still need the last minute stuff like Johnson’s baby soap, cotton balls, etc. Other then that, we are good to go.  Today Qumi and I bathed Kaitlin and as a team, we did awesome.  We might still need a little practice, but as usual, mom kicks butt!  I haven’t officially changed a diaper on my own yet, so I guess I should do it soon.

So excited!  Cant wait for Saturday!