Around in circles

In order to get the girls green cards (resident visa’s) we have to register them within 42 days (6 weeks). In order to register them, they both need passports. The US government requires them to come in person for their passports. They are still in the hospital, so they can’t get their passports for a while.

So, I get a letter from the doctor asking for permission to extend their stay until they are out of the hospital and can get their passports.  The letter states 3 months, so I went down to the Singapore government with all my documents.  Got my ticket, waited the 2 minutes to be called.  The woman at the counter went through the process and extended their stay by the maximum of 1 month.  Since I went when they were 2 weeks old, that means my extension was for the exact same time as the original allowance. Essentially, I wasted a ton of time and got absolutely nothing.