Bus coming through

Wow this stroller is huge. I negotiated it through Takashimaya today, dodging and weaving people in the main food court to get to the baby fair. Had the girls covered up so the hoards of people that have never seen twins before do not touch and try to pick them up. I will never understand people that feel the need to poke little babies and comment on the fact they are twins, without providing any insight. It usually goes something like “oh they are twins…”, so thank you random persons for stating the obvious.

No Sleep – Day 2

Actually, its not as bad as everyone seems to make it out. One thing is for certain, those with a singleton baby have it easy. You can trade with your wife, the 4am feed for a new pair of shoes, or swap days/times so you can both still sleep – not true with twins. Alsohaving them next to each other has the added bonus of one cranky baby waking the other. 

After extensive research and lot’s of purchases, we found that Kristin just doesn’t like the NUK brand of bottles and nipples, and prefers the more “plain style” Pigeon brand. It cut my feeding down from 45-60 minutes to just under 30 mins. That’s 15 more minutes every 3 hours! If I save it all up, I have enough time to watch a movie.


The dogs are coping really well. Inu doesn’t seem to care at all, almost like he didn’t realize there are 2 more people in the house and that I am up all night. Koguma is a bit more curious, she wants to get close, but my evil stare keeps her (mostly) at bay. As the girls get a little bigger, I will slowly allow the dogs closer. Thatlevel of trust is going to take a while, the dogs have never been around tiny babies.

Both girls love the bath, and since that’s my job, I’m happy. Today was their second bath at home, and we decided to dress them up and take a ton of pictures afterwards – BIG MISTAKE! They must have gotten over-excited because it took us the next 3 hours to get them to sleep, just in time for their next feeding. I am sure they will hate us for the naked ones 😛


We showed up promptly at 3:00pm to pick the girls up. We had everything ready, some clothes, a hat, socks, and a blanket. I carried the 2 car seat capsules in, and got them ready. The girls did not like their car seats at first, but settled in nicely. Right before though, we put them together in the same cot for the first time. Kristin wasn’t happy and kept punching and kicking her sister. (Thank god we have 2 cots)

The 4:30 feed went all wrong, I went to finally read the formula jar and it says you need to boil water then wait 30 minutes. So the 4:30 feed turned into the 5:00 feed. Needless to say, Kristin wasn’t happy. Qumi fed Kaitlin and went to change her diaper, also an interesting event for her, after about 25 wipes, a new diaper, change of clothes and a new swaddle, she was done. 

Neither of them wanted to sleep after eating, but Kaitlin finally fell asleep, her sister on the other hand refuses. All of the swaddle cloths we have are too big for them, and they just keep pulling them off. Going to try a swaddle pod tomorrow 🙂

I am off for the week and Qumi’s mom comes on Thursday to take over. Its going to be a long 18 years. So far the dogs have been good, not really interested, and most importantly, not barking when they cry. Well, its already time to boil the water for the next feeding, till later.

Getting Ready

We are getting ready for the girls.  Things that we expected to have weeks or months to handle, came very quickly.  Other things, such as washing and putting the sheets on the beds took a backseat. Now we are ready. The nursery is painted in Tiffany Blue (Thanks JP) and all the furniture is there and ready to go.  An iPod loaded with chick music (Maroon 5) is in the speaker dock. The countdown is on and we have 1 more night without them.  Luckily we have some of our best friends in town this weekend and they accepted to hang out with us during this crazy time.  I am sure they will have to get more than an earful, but they accepted our offer 🙂

Tomorrow we still need the last minute stuff like Johnson’s baby soap, cotton balls, etc. Other then that, we are good to go.  Today Qumi and I bathed Kaitlin and as a team, we did awesome.  We might still need a little practice, but as usual, mom kicks butt!  I haven’t officially changed a diaper on my own yet, so I guess I should do it soon.

So excited!  Cant wait for Saturday!

Great News Today

It’s confirmed, the girls are coming home this weekend. The staff at the NICU have been working to prep us, and forcing us to start changing and bathing them. Apparently there is some kind of test, not sure what happens if we fail. Overall the girls are doing great and Kaitlin is 2,121gm 2,292gm, while Kristin is 1,944gm.  They are feeding really well and improving their “suction strength” each day. Their hearing and eyes were checked this week and both seem to be good, whew!

Of course with every “up”, there needs to be a little “down”. Today Kristin’s allergy showed up again. Neither Qumi or I are convinced its a milk allergy, but the doctors are pretty sure. We will be putting her on more of the hypo-allergenic formula to see if we can reduce its occurrence.

Next step will be how we introduce them to the dogs, but that is a problem for tomorrow 🙂