Oh Kristie & What a Hat

Today was a great day, Kristin came totally came off the oxygen and is breathing great, she looks awesome! Kaitlin got a cool hat for a few hours, her head must have been cold. After a couple of good meals (thanks mom), they slept great all day. We also registered them with the Singapore government, we had to choose a race. Our choices were Japanese, Caucasian, or Eurasian, we both shook our heads and not sure what to pick. I am not from Europe, Qumi is not caucasian, we just rolled the dice and picked one. Luckily its not posted anywhere on their birth certificates, and thankfully it really doesn’t matter.

Sweet Kaitlin

Mom and Kaitlin

As Kaitlin is a bit bigger and breathing on her own, we were able to hold her for the first time today.  It was precious to see Qumi  hold little Katie as she slept.  Katie was even fed about 7ml today while she was in Qumi’s arms. After 45 minutes or so, it was my turn.  I was really surprised at just how tiny everything is, tiny head, tiny arms, tiny fingers, but it all works and looks just like any other baby (just a bit smaller). I spent the next 30 minutes staring at my sleeping beauty and occasionally sneaking a peek at Kristin sleeping. Tomorrow is the day Kristin comes off oxygen (hopefully) and if so, we will get to hold her as well. I can’t wait!

Mommy’s first visit

Mom's first visitQumi was feeling a bit better today so we packed her up and rolled her down the red carpet to the NICU. After a quick hand wash and instructions about the ward, we headed over to the girls. Both were awake when we got there, and we spent over an hour and a half just staring at them (no touching just yet). They are small, but not too small.  They are doing well and getting better everyday.

Welcome to the World

The girls first pictures
Just delivered

18:48 & 18:49, we welcome into the world Kaitlin Marika and Kristin Yurika. Unfortunately mommy was asleep and daddy was in the waiting room so we had to wait a while before our first glances at them. While Qumi was in recovery, I was able to sneak into the NICU for about 30 seconds before they started taking x-rays. The girls looked so small and had all sorts of tubes and wires connected, but that didn’t matter at all. They should be in here for the next month, so that means I will be spending even more time at this hospital.